Our Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to allow you to express your God-given potential for health through postural, structural, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual support.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to see our neighborhood begin realizing that health can only come from within. We envision decreased dependency on medications and a reliance on optimized human performance for the entire family through regular chiropractic care, good nutrition, exercise, and a positive mental attitude.

We specialize in handling challenging and difficult health conditions in infants, children and adults through conservative, natural healing, while working in conjunction with your other primary health providers.

We offer hope, sincerity, love, and optimism to our patients.

Bayshore Chiropractic Family Wellness Center was established to provide chiropractic health care for people of the San Francisco Bay Area along with people from all areas of the world. Our wellness team is here to enhance your body's innate healing ability to propel you towards peak performance and complete wellness. During times of illness we can empower you and/or your child's body to initiate its self-healing potential.

Chiropractic health care enhances the functioning of your nervous system - the master controller of all bodily systems - thus allowing your body to heal and work at its highest potential. Through specific, gentle spinal corrections, your body's healing potential is optimized.

A Chiropractor does not "treat" a disease or symptom. Chiropractic does enhance the body's innate healing potential by removing interference to the impulses from the brain down the spinal cord out to the organs, glands, and tissues. Once your nervous system begins "reconnecting" you can begin experiencing life again to its fullest, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Chiropractic care can help alleviate many symptoms via enhancement of your nervous system function. Both musculoskeletal and internal disorders have seen improvement while patients are under chiropractic care.

Office Hours

Mon: 2 PM to 6:00 PM
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Wed: By appointment only
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