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Health Conditions

Welcome to the Health Conditions section of our website. Although we list a number of common conditions that are often helped with chiropractic care, chiropractic actually is not a "treatment" for a specific condition. Chiropractic restores balance, integrity, and wellness to your nervous system, structure, and spine. When wellness is restored, many bodily symptoms disappear. When you begin care at Bayshore Chiropractic, we will not "diagnose" a specific condition or disorder. We WILL discover the root of your problems - physically, structurally, nutritionally, and stress-induced. THEN we will begin a process of WHOLE BODY RESTORATION that will bring you back to the level of health God intended you to live with.

So enjoy the videos and information presented in this section and learn more about your specific health condition. Yet remember - our purpose is to restore wellness and balance to your body, not treat a condition. Wellness is an inside job. Optimum life lives inside you waiting to be expressed. Seek a doctor that that will help you express health, not diagnose sickness. That's what we do at Bayshore Chiropractic.

Don't forget to tell others to visit our website. We would like to assist as many individuals as possible achieve greater health.