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Dr. Timothy Jameson, Your Auto Accident Chiropractor

Have you been involved in an auto or motorcycle accident? Dr. Jameson has nearly 30 years of experience helping people overcome the injuries suffered from an auto accident. Chiropractic health care is an essential part of your recovery after a bad accident. Your body needs healing - and chiropractic is a proven way to help you heal.

Dr. Jameson's extensive health history consultation and comprehensive examination begins the process of your healing. A complete orthopedic, neurological, structural, and functional assessment is performed to determine the extent of your injuries. A determination is made if you need imaging such as x-ray or MRI. Dr. Jameson will sit down with you and go over his findings and present to you your prognosis, diagnoses, and expectations for healing, such as how long it will take, and what you can expect to experience during his care program.

Dr. Jameson is the "quarterback" for your overall injury care program. When necessary, he refers to orthopedists, neurologists, pain management doctors, and physical therapists. His team approach to healing allows you to regain function, health, and get your life back after your trauma and injuries. If you have an attorney, Dr. Jameson regularly touches base with him/her to provide updates on your care and recovery.

Dr. Jameson begins with very gentle approaches to aid in your recovery, such as myofascial therapy, gentle chiropractic spinal mobilization and manipulations, cranial work for those who suffered from a concussion and headaches, TMJ work for those who suffered problems with their jaw joints, and upper and lower extremity care if you injured your arms and/or legs in the accident. Reexaminations are performed every 12 visits to determine your progress.

When you have reached your maximal healing, Dr. Jameson will release you from care and let your attorney and insurance company know about any residual pain syndromes that have developed, and/or disabilities. If disability is an issue, Dr. Jameson will arrange for a disabilty evaluation to determine the extent of your permanent disabilities.