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Your Auto Injury Pre-Appointment Checklist

New patient checklist when considering chiropractic care with Dr. Jameson:

  1. BEFORE calling Dr. Jameson, you will want to talk to your claims rep and let him/her know that you have experienced injuries that need treatment. In most cases, they will ask you this in their initial contact with you. Your claims rep should tell you how much coverage you have for Medical Payments. Let him/her know that you desire to open an injury claim so you can get treatment from Dr. Jameson. Collect the claim number, and your rep's name and number. (You may be given a different claims adjuster just for the injury claim).

  2. CONTACT Dr. Jameson by calling 510-582-5454. Dr. Jameson will ask you brief questions about your injuries and accident to begin understanding what happened and if he can help you. Be prepared to have your claim information ready, such as claim number, claim representative and his/her phone number, med-pay amount, and insurance company name. If Dr. Jameson's voice mail picks up, please leave a brief message about your accident, who referred you, and that you desire to begin care. He will personally contact you in most cases within the hour to set up your initial appointment. Let Dr. Jameson know if you have special needs, such as physical assistance needed, disabilities, visual or hearing imparement, or you need an interpreter. (Only english is spoken in our office) These can be accomodated for with advance planning.

  3. CREATE your initial appointment day and time with Dr. Jameson. In most cases, Dr. Jameson will attempt to schedule you the same day or the next day.

  4. COMPLETE the forms that you can download from this website. Go to our forms page for both the initial history form and the auto accident form.The forms do take quite a while to complete. Give yourself 20 to 30 minutes to complete them at home.Bring the completed forms with you to your first visit.

    If you do not have a printer, Dr. Jameson can have you complete the forms in his office - BUT THIS IS HIGHLY DISCOURAGED. If you need to fill them out in the office, please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time to complete them. We can't emphasize enough that it is best to complete the forms at home so you can take your time and take breaks while completing them. For many patients after a car accident, filling the forms out in the office is painful and time consuming as it requires looking downward, mental focus, and remembering quite a bit of information. For people who suffered concussions, this is almost impossible. Make it easier on yourself by completing them at home before arriving.

  5. SHOW UP at your appointment about 15 minutes early and bring your forms and all your insurance data with you. Regarding your insurance information, bring everything you received from your insurance and the other party's insurance regarding your accident.There are certain parts of that initial paperwork that Dr. Jameson may need to complete.

    If you have x-rays, MRIs, CT Scans, or other tests performed, please bring them and the results. Dr. Jameson will ask you about previous care, hospital stays, other doctors seen, and therapists seen. Be prepared to provide Dr. Jameson with digital jpg files of photos from your accident. Please bring a list of every doctor and hospital you were seen prior to Dr. Jameson so he can obtain records from all of them.

  6. UNDERGO the initial examination. The initial consultation and examination is typically lengthy in a auto or motorcycle accident or other form of personal injury. You can expect to spend 60 to 90 minutes in Dr. Jameson's office on your first visit. Plan accordingly. After the examination, Dr. Jameson will order special tests if needed like x-rays, MRI, neurological tests, and recommend to you a treatment plan for the care of your injuries. If you agree to the treatment plan, your healing journey will begin.

  7. BEGIN your rehabilitation care program and enjoy the restorative healing power of chiropractic!