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Dr. Jameson's unique healing methods and techniques

If you ask a patient of Dr. Jameson about his healing sessions, they will all tell you that he is like no other chiropractor in the area. Many people who have been to other chiropractors in the Castro Valley area are accustomed to quick office visits with little attention to detail and often a very routine-like adjusting technique by the doctor. This is not so with Dr. Jameson. And this is why his patients love his methods, technique and style. Dr. Jameson has 30 years of healing experience and caters his methods to each individual patient's needs. You can expect the following with each visit:

  • 20 minute office visits
  • Each visit involves an assessment of your health and function and progress.
  • Unique healing strategies, such as energetic healing, tonal chiropractic methods similar to Network Chiropractic, Activator methods, cranial work (gentle corrections for the skull and TMJ), traditional chiropractic spinal corrections, myofascial therapy to tight and spasmed muscles, and extremity joint (joints of arms and legs) corrections.
  • If you do not enjoy traditional chiropractic adjustments (that create a popping sound in the spine) then Dr. Jameson can perform your entire healing session with low force, light touch methods. Many of his patients LOVE this method which is incredibly relaxing and powerful!
  • If you DO enjoy traditional chiropractic adjustments, then Dr. Jameson can provide those as well, in conjunction with his many other methods and techniques.
  • If you enjoy prayer for your healing, Dr. Jameson will pray for you. Dr. Jameson is a worship pastor at a Christian church and believes in the powerful healing of God.
  • Dr. Jameson will talk to you about your current exercise levels and offer help in guiding you to enhance your health through stretching and exercise.
  • Dr. Jameson will ask you about your nutritional intake and your daily supplementation and offer advice for improved nutrition.

You will find that your healing experience with Dr. Jameson is like no other chiropractor in the area. Prepare for a powerful time of healing, restoration, hope, and encouragement as you pursue your health goals.