Why Us?

Choosing a chiropractor is a very personal decision. Chiropractors work with you individually to educate, empower, heal, and encourage. Why choose Dr. Jameson and Dr. Gossett? Here are some unique factors that we feel play a very important part in your healing.

  • Our practice is focused upon releasing God's healing power into our practice members. Drs. Jameson and Gossett are simply servants of the Great Physician.
  • We use chiropractic techniques that match your particular needs and enjoyment. Dr. Jameson is a master of both very light-touch healing methods, as well as traditional spinal adjustments.
  • We assist your healing with nutritional supplementation through Standard ProcessŪ Whole Food Supplements.
  • Our goal is to coach you and empower you with knowledge. We are not just here to "crack your back."
  • We have special yearly wellness programs that literally change your life! The changes patient notice are simply phenomenal over their first year of care.
  • We spend time with you individually. We care for your individual needs
  • We have specialized techniques for children and infants.
  • Our practice members are like family to us.