Our Patients Speak!

Before seeing Dr Jameson, my health was terrible. There were days that I couldn't walk or get around. There were days that I was eating pain killers like peanuts. My only therapy to help my conditions at that time were pain killers, and I was also put through a colostomy procedure by my medical doctor. The pain was too severe for the pain killers to help. Only morphine while in the hospital helped. Vicadin didn't help at all. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Jameson, I feel a 400% improvement. I am now off of pain pills, except once in a while. The tingling sensations I had in my feet, chest, and abdomen are gone. I see chiropractic care as a miracle. I'm getting around more like normal again. My pain has decreased and I can garden again! C.S.

My three year old son had a lung infection and asthma related wheezing. He had a fever and clearly wasn't feeling well. He missed his day of school because of this. His pediatrician had x-rays done and wanted to put him on an antibiotic and Albuteral every four hours for his wheezing. I chose not to do this and brought him in for a (chiropractic) adjustment. (One at 3:00 pm and one at 6:00 pm). After his 6 pm appointment, his fever was gone. He was up and running around like normal. You would never know he had been sick. I continue to bring him in to avoid illnesses like this in the future. It's great preventative care! T.W.

My one year old baby girl was diagnosed by her pediatrician as having blocked tear ducts that proned her to eye infections. She suffered from red and goopy eyes since birth. She was prescribed antibiotics for her infections and soon built a resistance to three different kinds. Surgery was suggested, and we considered it to open the eye ducts. I decided to have Dr. Jameson take a look at her. My daughter has not had an eye infection since she started chiropractic! The redness and goopiness of her eyes have gone away. She only tears now and far less than before. In addition, a constipation problem has gone away. Chiropractic care has allowed my baby's body to work more efficiently. She's much healthier and happier. W. K.

I suffered from chronic back, neck, arm, and leg pain. I was one year away from a music degree and it was too painful to play. I had to start over for a different degree. I was very depressed and angry at the world. I couldn't type, I couldn't lift anything heavy, and my job skills were decreased. I had tried drugs like Naprosyn, Daypro. The prescribed drugs made my condition worse and the side effects weren't fun - dizzyness, stomach pain, and who knows what else. These drugs stopped the pain until they ran out. By then the injury had increased and I was in more pain. Since seeing Dr. Jameson, my back and neck pain have gone from a 10 to a 1. (The small amount of pain stays) because my eating habits need improvement - cookies and soda actually increase the pain - or else it would have gone to zero. My arms and legs improved as well. I am much happier. Dr. J's influence spiritually has really given me something to think about, improving my relationship with God. Chiropractic helps get my back in alignment and gets my nerves running smoothly. I have also learned that what I eat and drink actually affect my health. T.D.

I was bothered with severe neck nerve pain and sciatic nerve pain in both legs. My lower back was a mess. I had some physical therapy after the 3 whiplashes I suffered and took lots of Motrin. I received temporary relief from the pain and discomfort by doing this, but the pain always returned. Since coming to see Dr Jameson, the pain in my legs is GONE! The neck pain is almost completely gone and my sinuses are in much better shape. No more antihistamines! Through chiropractic care, my back is getting realigned and the nerve stress is going away. L.M.

The condition of my health was very poor. it was difficult to do almost anything without a big struggle. I was getting sick constantly. I used a regular doctor for my bronchitis but it never helped. I would just get it back again in a couple of weeks. The drugs would simply cover up the symptoms, but it never took them away entirely. Due to these problems, I lost several weeks time off of work. Since seeing Dr Jameson, my health is at least 80% better. I feel healthier and my body is actually working better. If I get a cold my body immediately fights it off. What a dramatic difference! Chiropractic care gives you your life back. It is about helping your body to help itself. It's about living life to its fullest! L. F.

" Before coming to Bayshore, I had chronic back pain (lower), sinus pain, ear infections, and headaches. I tried pain pills, antibiotics, and physical therapy. The results were not as good as how I am feeling now. Since seeing Dr. Jameson I have had a reduction in ear infections, lower back pain, and virtually no headaches. I believe if you can get relief without medications it is worth pursuing. Instead of taking pills, I get chiropractic adjustments. " J.J.

" Prior to coming to Bayshore I was constantly in pain, (neck area) and was unable to participate in activities such as sports, or simple yard work. My life was no longer enjoyable. I was taking Motrin and Flexoril. I used ice & heat. I went to the physical therapist on and off for about one year. Nothing seemed to work enough to enable me to go about my normal daily life. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Jameson I have noticed more mobility and strength overall and have returned to playing sports again. I am now able to do virtually everything that I have done before I got injured. Chiropractic provides better health all the way around. I am a lot happier and more fulfilled in my life due to chiropractic care. " K.G.

" I came to Bayshore for a shoulder problem that prevented me from playing softball. I came under the care of Dr. Jameson and now my shoulder feels great! My overall health has improved and I get sick less often. I believe chiropractic helps provide a stronger immune system and overall better health. " M.B.

" Before coming to see Dr. Jameson, I had constant neck pain and backaches, and feeling like I would just feel better if I could somehow be stretched out on a "rack". I was told to do certain exercises for the rest of my life. It was only a temporary "good feeling" and soon I lost interest in maintaining this rigor. Since coming to Bayshore I have felt more livelier knowing that when I have a small problem - back or neck acting up, maybe more stress, I can come in and get immediate results. Everything, especially along my spine is an internet of all the other parts of the body, and minor adjustments are necessary to keep things aligned right. Drugs only dull the pain, not cure what ails you. " A.W.

" Prior to coming to Bayshore, I could not stand up or lie down without help and I could not walk straight. It was painful. The M.D. said he couldn't do anything except prescribe drugs. Since coming to Bayshore I feel healthier and more alert. I used to always worry about what I was doing. now I go about more confident about my health. In many cases chiropractic can help me when traditional medicine has reached a dead end. It is worth looking into before committing your body to strong drugs or surgery. " M.M.